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Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai Update

On Sunday (August 14th), our Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai had a special one year memorial demonstration for Mrs. Diane Satoko Nagaishi at the Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha Temple. It was a good opportunity to take a photograph of all the dojo heads, except for Sensei Bobby Lowe who could not make it that day due to his health. Lowe Sensei is shown on the second photograph on the page (from an earlier training).

If you visit the Kenkyukai website, the first photograph is the one taken that day. I am in the back row, far left. In the caption, there is also a link to the program we used that day.

Here is a list of the instructors shown:

Front row (from left): James A. Miyaji, Walter Nishioka, Fumio Nagaishi, Pat Nakata, George Sasano, Herbert Ishida.

Back row (from left): Charles C. Goodin, Angel Lemus, Hisae Ishii-Chang, Alan Lee, Sean Roberts.

Of course, many of the Sensei have senior students who have trained and taught much longer than I have. The top photograph was only of the dojo heads present that day. My point is that even though I may be a dojo head and considered to be a "Sensei," I never forget that my friends' students are senior to me in both age and training. Plus, they are stronger than me too!

The basis for the Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai is study and training. Actually, it is training. The study of Karate is training. You study by training, and by training you study. The only way to improve in Karate is by training. We get together to train and learn from each other.


Charles C. Goodin