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Like Your Instructors

This is a story.

A Karate Sensei met a student who had trained with five noted instructors. "You are so much like your instructors," said the Sensei.

The student was elated and smiled from ear to ear.

"Yes," explained, the Sensei. "You are lazy like your first instructor, a drunkard like your second instructor, a chain smoker like your third instructor, foul mouthed like your fourth instructor, and dishonest like your fifth instructor." "Why have you come to see me?"

"Actually," replied the student, "I was looking for my sixth instructor."

You have to be careful what you copy. All instructors are human and we all have our faults. What makes any Karate student exceptional is long term dedication to working to improve himself. Hopefully, a Sensei has many positive character traits to go along with his skill in Karate. A good Sensei inspires his students.

What should you do if you have an instructor with a bad character? I cannot tell you. However, you should remember that an instructor does not only teach technique -- all instructors also teach by their example.

Don't be like the student in the above story.


Charles C. Goodin