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Have a God Day

I am a real estate attorney and teach Karate for love of the art. I do not make my living from Karate, thank goodness. If I did, I certainly would be poor.

Anyway, every time I send a document to a client, I write "Have a good day," in my email. But I have noticed that quite often I make a typo and write instead "Have a god day."

I do not know if the origins of "good day", "good night," and "goodbye" originally were based on "God," but I think so.

In any event, it is funny how a typo can sometimes be profound.

My own name is funny, "Charles C. Goodin." I sometimes think of it as an urging to me to see the good in people and events.

"Sensei," is interesting too... "Sense I."

Just thinking.


Charles C. Goodin (I try to)