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TSA's Rules Concerning Martial Arts Weapons

I visited the TSA website today because I will be taking a couple of interisland flights in the coming months. I wondered whether laser printer cartridges are still prohibited.

I found a page on Prohibited Items. While many items are prohibited in carry on bags, what is allowed in checked baggage is pretty amazing to me. You might want to check out that page. Here is a link to a pdf brochure.

There is also a section on Self Defense and Martial Arts Weapons. You cannot bring billy clubs, black jacks, brass knuckles, kubatons, mace/pepper spray, martial arts weapons, night sticks, nunchakus, stun guns/shocking devices, or throwing stars in your carry on bags. But it appears that they are permitted in checked bags, as are sabers, swords, axes and hatchets, cattle prods, and crowbars, among many other potentially dangerous items.

When I travel, I do not bring any martial arts weapons. But come to think of it, if I visited Okinawa I would probably bring some back, in my checked bags.

I'm still not positive about laser printer cartridges. I think they are OK, but I am looking for written confirmation. I guess only an attorney would travel with a laser printer!


Charles C. Goodin