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1700+ Posts... and Counting

Karate Bakka!

Some people might say, "Charles, all you do is talk and write about Karate. You are Karate bakka (crazy or fanatical)."

Well, I only write about Karate in this forum. I am also an attorney, but I do not write about legal matters here. This is one of my Karate "places," so it is natural that I would write about Karate here. As for 1500+ posts, I have to admit that is a little crazy, but it has been since 2006.

If someone said that I was "Karate bakka," I would say, "thank you!"

Of course I am "Karate bakka!" -- perhaps more than some and certainly less than others. It is good to be a little crazy about something (provided it is worthwhile).


Charles C. Goodin