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Karate and Dancing

I have had three students who are excellent dancers. They are exceptional. Naturally, the movements of Karate are pretty easy for them to learn (they are used to learning complicated movement patterns. Flexibility is not an issue. They are more flexible than any other students. And they are in good shape too, with great muscle tone and stamina.

So what is the difficulty? Dancers do not have to hit and get hit. They generate power for movement. We, in Karate, have to learn to generate power so that we can transfer it to an attacker. We have to learn to avoid or absorb the attacker's power (strikes).

In Karate, we don't exactly want kick like a dancer -- we want to kick like a horse!

But a dancer should have an advantage in learning Karate, if they can learn to hit and take a hit.


Charles C. Goodin