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I Must Be Good

This is a story.

Two men were talking.

"Are you good at Karate?" asked the first man.

"I'm sure that I am," answered the second man.

"How are you so certain?" asked the first man.

"If only you knew how much I've paid for lessons!" declared the second man. "I must be good!"

I'm sure that many parents have found themselves in this position. They paid so much for Karate lessons over the years. Plus there were the tournament fees, testing fees, certificate fees, travel, gis, embroidery, weapons... For that much money, their child must be good.

There is a saying that you get what you pay for. I agree with this. However, in Karate you do not just pay by money. You pay by your dedication and hard work. Money is usually just a token.

Paying a lot for Karate just means that you have paid a lot. It does not mean that you are good or bad at it. Some people pay a lot, some people pay a little, and some people pay nothing at all. It all comes down to your dedication and hard work. Karate skill comes from training, and most of that will be on your own.


Charles C. Goodin