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Yelling Kata Names

I know that I've written about this before, but I was watching some kata videos online...

I really don't like it when the strongest part of a kata performance is the yelling of the kata name at the beginning. Actually, I don't like even saying the kata name at the beginning of a kata. It seems so unnecessary and "loud". I would much rather have the kata speak for itself.

But it seems that some people really get worked up about yelling the kata name, even louder than the kiai during the kata.

I am working on a saying: "Less drama and more trauma." I realize that the "trauma" part needs some work. But when I watch a kata, I hate the "drama." I don't like yelling kata names, or taking a long time to bow at the beginning or the end, or theatrical, posed movements, or shaking hands and arms to represent power, or gi with patches or writing, or belts with patches or writing, or wearing jewelry during training, or colorful gi, or movie-like expressions, or stomping the feet just for sound, or snapping gi (made to snap), or raggedy old belts or gi worn for show, or loud, prolonged, screaming kiai. Perhaps another expression would be: "Less show and more go."

When I observe a strong kata, I think: "I really would not want to get hit by that person."

I also like the classic expression: "Walk softly and carry a big stick." Perhaps for Karate, it could be: "Walk softly and have a strong hit." Again, I am still working on these.


Charles C. Goodin