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Matsumura Sensei Visits

This is a story.

Matsumura Sensei had a time machine too. In 1907, he visited his student, Anko Itosu, who was teaching his five Pinan kata at the Okinawan Teacher's College. Poof!

Matsumura watched as Itosu led the students through the five Pinan kata (which Itosu had created to teach in the Okinawan school system).

When they finished, Itosu eagerly asked, "Sensei, what do you think?"

Matsumura Sensei replied, with a Yiddish accent, "The kata I taught you weren't enough, that you had to create five more?"

Itosu was an innovator. If we copy him, are we to copy his specific kata, or copy his innovative approach to Karate training and education?

Oy vey!


Charles C. Goodin