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This is a story.

A dojo was having a demonstration. A hundred students were participating and there were hundreds of spectators. All of a sudden, Anko Itosu appeared... poof! Once again, he had used his time machine (which also has a built in English translator for people who are wondering).

The head of the dojo was so happy! With tears in his eyes he introduced Itosu Sensei, who was one of the leading masters of his own style of Karate (Shorin-Ryu). All of the students and the audience erupted with applause.

To celebrate Itosu's visit, the dojo head had the students perform the five Pinan kata. They did so in perfect unison, and then stood at attention, awaiting Itosu's comments.

"Eh," began Itosu stepping up to a microphone, "that's not how I designed the Pinan kata, I remember...."

Before he could finish his sentence the dojo head took the microphone from him and yelled, "Imposter!"

Before the security guards could arrive poof, Itosu Sensei returned to the past.


Charles C. Goodin