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Hawaii Okinawa Today: Hawaii Karate Part 2 - Demonstrations Online

Wow, the new Karate program (Part 2) is online already. Please see:

Thank you very much to David A. Williams for notifying me of the upload and link.

I also want to thank my good friends (and seniors) at the Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai, and their many students, for demonstrating that day. I also want to thank Henry Isara, Steven Arashiro, and the good people at Olelo for producing and hosting the video. Our demonstration and all related events were dedicated to the memory of Mrs. June Arakawa.

Just a reminder, the program will be shown again on Saturday, May 21st at 5 p.m., on 'Olelo, Oceanic Channel 53 (in case you missed it the first time, like I did because I was at training).


Charles C. Goodin