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A Great Sensei (CPR)

My friend recently suffered a severe heart attack while conducting class in his dojo. He would have surely died if not for the quick actions of his students. One immediately called 911 while the other administered CPR until the ambulance arrived.

It was truly a miracle that my friend lived, but part of that miracle was the actions of his students.

You measure a Sensei by his students. My friend must be a great Sensei because his students were able to save his life. It is easy to have students who are strong, good fighters, high ranking, famous, etc. But how many Sensei can say that his students saved his life?

Could you administer CPR to your Sensei if he needed it? Could you administer CPR if your spouse, parent, co-worker, or friend needed it?

I have signed up for a CPR and AED ( automated external defibrillator) course. You can find CPR and other courses at the American Heart Association website.


Charles C. Goodin