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Still Blogging

I realize that I have not written about Karate for a while... actually, since the time of the Sendai earthquake and tsunami. I have not stopped writing, but I have been so saddened by the loss of life and destruction that I did not feel like it was appropriate to write about Karate at this time.

We are seeing a similar reaction here in Hawaii. Many Japanese tourists have canceled their travel arrangements because they do not feel that it is appropriate or respectful to enjoy themselves during a time of national suffering.

In any event, I will be writing more in the coming weeks.

The latest issue of Classical Fighting Arts is out. I wrote an article about Admiral Kenwa Kanna. I am very proud of this article, because it provides information about someone most Karate enthusiasts know little about, and yet he had a great influence on Karate before World War Two. I hope that you will enjoy the article and the issue.

There are some great photos in the issue, including one in the article about Kyoda Juhatsu that I had never seen. I would purchase the magazine just for that photo.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the many people suffering in Japan. When I was a child, I lived at Misawa Air Force Base, Japan, which is north of Sendai. In March of 1968, we had a 7.9 earthquake. I was at school, and will never forget the experience. The ground shook so hard that it was impossible to walk. When it settled down, the hall of my school looked like churning waves. I could not believe that cement could move like that. That earthquake was 100 times weaker than the one in Sendai. I cannot imagine how traumatic that must have been, and we did not have a tsunami (as I recall).


Charles C. Goodin