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My Son Taught Last Night

My son, Charles, who is the head of our dojo, taught class last night. Because he is an accountant, he has had a hard time attending class during the beginning of this year. It should be better after April 15th.

Because the class was small, I just followed along with the students. This is a rare pleasure for me as I am usually teaching. Following along as a student, I could appreciate my son's body dynamics, and the rhythm and flow of his movements. I actually started to copy the way he does certain Naihanchi movements... and liked it.

I told him later that I would now teach the movements his way... and say that they were my idea.

My son and I often tease each other this way.

If he misses a class and I teach, he will usually be at home when I return. He will always ask about who attended, what we concentrated on, etc. I will answer and then say, "The class took a vote and tonight was the best class ever! (because I was the instructor)."

Well, last night was indeed on of the best classes ever. I learned a lot from my son.


Charles C. Goodin