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A Lesson About Character

This is a story.

Two senior instructors of Karate were talking about their top students.

The first instructor said: "My top student is so good. He was won every major tournament, received honors and awards, can easily defeat several men, and is the strongest and best fighter I have ever seen!"

The second instructor just nodded as his friend spoke, and then replied, "If my wife and children were in danger, and I was away, I would want my top student to be there."

The first instructor looked down and shook his head. "I would want your student to be there if my family was in danger too," he conceded. "He has a good character and can be trusted."

What good are victories, honors and awards, and fighting skill if a student lacks a good character? Without a good character, Karate skill not only means nothing, it is dangerous.


Charles C. Goodin