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A Bunkai Story

This is a story.

A Karate student who intensely studied bunkai, was walking down the sidewalk, when he was attacked by a street fighter. The street fighter grabbed the student by the hair with his left hand and punched him in the face five times with his right hand.

The student's Sensei happened to be nearby and ran up to help his fallen student. The attacker had already disappeared. The Sensei asked the student to explain what happened and the student related what was described above.

"I don't get it," exclaimed the student, "he used the same technique five times in a row!" "What kind of bunkai was that -- five punches in a row! None of our kata look like that!"

"Well," replied the Sensei, "it worked didn't it?"

The moral of the story is that you don't get points for creativity or degrees of difficulty in self-defense. If it works, use it. Good fighters usually don't use a wide range of techniques. They usually are extremely good at a few extremely effective techniques.


Charles C. Goodin