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Bunkai -- In A Crowded Elevator

I have written before about which techniques might work In A Crowded Elevator. This is also another way to analyze kata (bunkai).

Imagine that you are in an elevator with four big guys. I don't mean a big elevator, I mean a small one so that the guys are right next to you.

Now, how would you use the techniques of any given kata in this situation? You don't have an entire dojo floor. You don't even have the open space of a single tatami mat. You've got four wall and four big guys. I forgot, you also have a floor and ceiling -- and those four big guys.

I'm not sure how you might interpret your kata, but I am pretty sure that you would not be using long stances or high kicks in this situation.

You might think about this the next time you find yourself in a crowded elevator. I do.


Charles C. Goodin