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Sai Rules

Next week, my friend and senior, Sensei Pat Nakata, will teach a class in sai basics for our students. Tonight, I went over some sai basics to help prepare the students.

The first thing I discussed were sai rules:

  1. Don't touch another person's sai.
  2. Don't ask to touch another person's sai.
  3. Don't touch another person's sai (same as rule #1).
  4. Youth (under 18) should wear eye protection when practicing with sai.
  5. Make sure that you have a safe distance around you (measured by your arm's span plus the length of the sai, plus an additional safety zone.
  6. Don't play around with sai, ever.
  7. Be aware at all times.
  8. Look at where you are striking with the sai.
  9. Don't point sai at other people.
  10. Don't step over sai.
  11. Generally, don't place sai on the floor.
  12. When placing sai on a counter, for example, point the tips away from people.
  13. When traveling, sai should be kept in a case.
  14. If a stranger or visitor brings "naked" sai (not in a case) to the dojo, it gives the appearance of a challenge.
  15. Don't touch another person's sai (same as rules #1 and 3).
One of our students teaches gun safety for the military. He added that you should always treat a weapon as if it is loaded, and don't point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot them.

With sai (in our dojo), safety is always the primary concern.

For the record, I enjoy sai, but prefer bo.


Charles C. Goodin