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Rarest Karate Books -- An Idea

I wanted to suggest an idea.

The Hawaii Karate Museum Collection is a collection of rare Karate books at the University of Hawaii. While is bears our name (to honor all the donors to the museum and the collection), the collection completely is owned by the University of Hawaii.

If you have any rare Karate books, or would like to acquire ones such as this one:


(Ryukyu Kenpo Karate by Gichin Funakoshi, originally published in 1922)

You could donate the books directly to the collection at the University of Hawaii, in your name or in the name of a person you would like to honor. You do not need to donate the book to our museum. However, we do still acquire and receive books and donate them to the collection.

So if someone out there would like to acquire the Ryukyu Kenpo book, read it, hold it, enjoy it... and then donate it to the University of Hawaii, that would be great! You could also donate money. None of this would go to me or our museum -- it would go to the collection at the University of Hawaii.

Here is a link to the Donations page for the collection.

Thank you very much. I hope that in my lifetime the collection will include every Karate book written before 1950, and most of the significant ones after that date as well. Wouldn't that be a great resource for Karate enthusiasts worldwide?


Charles C. Goodin