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Win A Fight, Then What?

From time to time, I hear about incidents that go something like this:

Two guys get into an argument at a bar or club. A fight ensues (usually in the parking lot). One guy beats up the other. The loser leaves. Later, the loser drives to the other guy's house with a gun...
There is always a bad ending to this story, often with one or both of the fighters or innocent bystanders being killed.

My point is that the fight at the bar or club is not necessarily the end. And winning the fight does not mean that you are safe or that the fight is over. The loser could come back later with a gun or with a bunch of friends (who might also have guns). Or he might just run you over with his car!

This is probably not on the minds of the fighters when they are in the parking lot, but it is certainly a possibility.

A skilled Karate student/instructor might have a good chance in the parking lot, particularly against an untrained aggressor. But even the best Karate expert cannot block bullets.

That is why it is so important to avoid the fight in the first place. If the fight is avoided, the subsequent shooting will also be avoided (hopefully). Karate is only used as a last resort. Avoiding a fight is the best technique. If it cannot be avoided, then that is another thing. But we should always remember that parking lot glory can be quickly followed by tragedy.


Charles C. Goodin