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Vicious Techniques

The other night I was showing a series of techniques that ended with a takedown. Then, with the attacker on the ground, I showed a couple of basic strikes/kicks followed by a technique I will not mention, but suffice it to say that it was particularly vicious, terrible, horrible, etc.

I then explained to the students that they need to be aware of such techniques, because if they are taken down to the ground, these are the types of things an attacker might try to do to them. This is an important point -- it is very difficult to defend against attacks and techniques you have never seen. But if you have practiced these attacks and techniques, you will be better prepared to defend against them.

I used to practice Kenpo Karate here in Hawaii. When I am taken down, I never leave my legs open (one leg always protects my groin). In some grappling arts, stomping on or kicking the groin is not allowed. In Kenpo, it is assumed that an attacker will attack your groin, head... anything possible. Anything goes, so you have to be ready to protect everything. You certainly do not leave your legs open and your groin area exposed.

Learning vicious attacks makes you more aware of the need to carefully defend yourself and not to take anything for granted.


Charles C. Goodin