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One More About Anderson Silva

It is late here in Hawaii, and I just had this thought.

If I were in an MMA match with Anderson Silva (which could never happen and I am probably old enough to be his father), the match would start and the next thing I would know is that Anderson was kneeling over me, bowing, and being really nice.

I would be thinking, "Oh no! Anderson Silva is being nice. It must be over!"

I really respect fighters like Anderson Silva who are polite to their opponents. My third son, Cael, told me that there might be a fight between Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre. Now that would be something! And they are both very polite.

As I have mentioned before, because my son Cael practices MMA (Brazilian Ju Jitsu), I have come to better understand (just a little) and respect the art. Often at our Karate class, I will begin a technique and ask Cael to explain how he would finish it, or how he might respond to the same attack. For some reason, he usually wants to take the attacker down. Having "rolled" with Cael very lightly, the ground is certainly not a place I would like to be with a grappling expert.


Charles C. Goodin