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Luxury Shoes

Imagine that you are going to buy a pair or really expensive luxury shoes. These babies cost $10,000! (If that does not sound like a lot to you, then they cost $1 million!)

Now everyone wears shoes. To spend that much, these shoes have to be special -- really special. Of course, they have a luxury brand name. You are not just paying for the shoes, you are paying for the brand and the right to show off that you are wearing that brand.

Just any brand will not do. This brand is really special. Here in the US, that means it must be from some exotic land or Europe or something. It has to be something really different -- otherwise why would you pay so much? (Personally, I would buy American.)

And these shoes, this brand, is somehow possessed by a special power that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex and envied by your peers. When you wear these shoes, you will not just be something, you will be someone!

These are not just shoes -- these are life changing receptacles for your feet. Kings and queens would have been lucky to wear them, but you will be the one to get them, for the measly price of just $10,000.

So what is the point?

Don't treat Karate like luxury shoes. Karate is not really something you can purchase. It is something you become skillful at by training, by your own hard work. And if anyone tries to sell you Karate the way someone might sell luxury shoes, you should remind them that you don't need to wear shoes when you practice Karate. You leave your shoes outside the dojo (or in the hall). Leave the world in your shoes (or slippers) and just train.

I wear a $20 gi that has lasted me years (actually, I wear a few of them). I wore out expensive gi pretty quickly. The cheaper one turned out to be better quality.


Charles C. Goodin