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Hawaii Okinawa Today Program Online!

The Karate program that recently appeared on Hawaii Okinawa Today, is now available online.

Please see: Hawaii Okinawa Today Episode 335

The program will be shown again on on 'Olelo, Oceanic Channel 53, on Saturday, February 26th at 5 p.m. It is about 1 hour long.

The program begins with an interview conducted back in 1999, and then moves forward to my lecture at the University of Hawaii in 2009, in connection with the establishment of the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at the Hamilton Library. There is also interview footage shot just this month. So I am shown in 1999, 2009, and currently, in case you notice that I look different.

During my lecture, I showed historic Karate images on a screen as part of a Powerpoint presentation. The video crew included the actual images in their show, so the images are very clear.

If you watch the video online, you can click on the video and zoom to full screen.

I am very grateful to Henry H. Isara and the video crew at Hawaii Okinawa Today, as well as the staff and volunteers at the Hawaii United Okinawan Center. They have helped us to share information about Karate in Hawaii with viewers here, and now around the world via the internet.

Mr. Isara was actually the cameraman for the 1999 interview. That interview was conducted by Wayne Miyahira, who passed away not long ago. Mr. Isara conducted the interview earlier this month, and was also present at the University lecture (he is sitting in the front, to the left).

The producers of the current video were Henry H. Isara and Steve Arashiro. The editors were Henry H. Isara, Steve Arashiro, and Ronald Miyashiro.

I am also deeply indebted to the many Karate instructors and their families who donated photographs that became part of the video.


Charles C. Goodin