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Guest Post: And The Winner Is...

This Guest Post is by one of the adult yudansha in our dojo (Hikari Dojo), Peerawut "Peter" Kamlang-ek.

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And The Winner Is...

This is a story.

Two best friends were hanging out and decided that they both wanted to learn Karate. They promised each other that they will take training seriously and will meet in ten years to test each other's skill out and see who would win.

The first young man had a lot of money so he joined the most famous dojo that is linked to a big organization and held world tournaments. The dojo charged him for lessons, gi, belts, promotion, membership fee, and seminars.

The second young man didn't have that much money so he ended up joining a dojo that no one has ever heard about near his parent's house. The Sensei didn't charge him a dime and only asked that he come in early to help clean the dojo.

Ten years later the first karate student got really skillful and became the rising star, featured in many magazines, television shows, and was known as the "world champion". Remembering his promise to meet up with his friend he finally decided to show up at the dojo where his friend trains.

The world champion showed up while his buddy was cleaning. With a big smirk full of arrogance the world champion took a fighting stance and exclaimed, "It has been ten years old pal! I am the world champion now, attack me with anything!"

The student paused for a second, looked at the broom in his hand, and calmly walked over to the world champion. He put the broom in his friend's hand and politely said, "I'm so sorry old friend, I remember our promise but Karate is not for fighting. Now help me clean the dojo, our Sensei and the students will be arriving soon."

The second student won.


Peerawut Kamlang-ek