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Guest Post: About Vicious Techniques

In response to my post, Vicious Techniques, my good friend, Sensei Jim Alexander (of Belleville, Illinois) wrote:

"First rule of real combat....there are NO rules. Second rule; NOBODY WINS , Everybody gets hurt. Third rule...the one who gets hurt least gets to walk away.

I'm totally against the teaching of ideas that give a student any delusions about winning an encounter... training may improve your odds, but there are no guarantees and anyone that has had real life experience, in the military or the police will tell you, the only way to guarantee an outcome, is don't be a participant to [in] violence.

I had a friend once, from a dojo I was involved with, that went to Vegas on business, got mugged and beaten severely. He was a brown belt at the time. He felt from all his training it was worth resisting the two guys that demanded his wallet (it had credit cards and a considerable amount of cash in it). Instead of turning it over he took a defensive stance... when he returned from the trip he was totally demoralized. He complained to his sensei... what good is all this training if I can't even defend myself? His sensei responded... "You didn't listen when I told you to walk away from danger, run if possible and do not fight unless it is your life or the life of a loved one."

To this I always add, when teaching a community service class on self defense... It may be your first fight... but you can bet it is not your attacker's first attack. Bad guys get PLENTY of practice...that's why good guys should practice MORE, and practice like it is for real. Better to get a bruise on your forearm in the dojo than one on your brain in the street.

I sincerely hope your students listen more closely to you than my friend did to his sensei.

Thank you Jim. I appreciate your views and experiences. -- Charles