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Success in 2011 -- Still Training

By this time, you have probably made your New Years resolutions for 2011.

If you are still practicing Karate, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Sticking with it is an accomplishment. You cannot imagine how many people have practiced Karate and quit for one reason or another (or for many reasons). Any senior instructor can list dozens or even hundreds or thousands of former students.

But you are still training! If you are training, you can improve. If you are training, you can get better. If you are training, you can help other students, your Sensei, and the dojo. There are many things you can do.

But a person who quit will often think about Karate and long to return to training.

You are still training. You can work on yourself. You have started off the New Year well.



Charles C. Goodin