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A Prayer

Today I was asked to say the prayer for the New Years Luncheon (Shinenkai) hosted by Sensei Pat Nakata. His students, members of the Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai, and other instructors attended.

Two of the things I mentioned were that we pray for safety as we train this year, and we also thank our families for supporting us in our training. I thought that these two things were important.

If I miss a class, I always ask my son two questions: "Who came to class and was everyone safe?" At class, I am always mindful of the safety of each and every student.

I am also mindful of the fact that when I am at Karate training, I am not at home. It would be very difficult for me to train unless my wife and family were supportive. I am truly blessed in this regard. My family not only allows me to train, they support me 100%.

Today's Shinenkai was a great was to start the year with fellow Karate students and instructors. As I mentioned before the prayer, Nakata Sensei is the glue that binds many of us together. By bringing us together, he helps us to better understand each other and our respective forms or styles of Karate.

You really get to know people when you eat together.


Charles C. Goodin