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A Paring Knife

The other day I needed to pick some weeds in my yard and quickly grabbed a small paring knife from the kitchen (rather than my usual yard knife which is much bigger). As I was picking weeds and using this little knife, I thought to myself, "How easy it would be to conceal such a little knife and how much damage it could do!"

I always emphasize this to my sons. In Karate, we generally train to defend against things like punches and kicks. But an attacker can easily conceal a knife or could even be armed with a gun. Particularly with a knife, we say that you can't react to the weapon (because you won't be able to see it until it is too late), you have to react to the person.

I am always grateful that my first style of Karate was Kenpo Karate. The early instructors of Kenpo Karate were skilled boxers and many also practiced Escrima and were skilled in the use of knives. As such, the techniques of Kenpo Karate were based on vicious, street realistic attacks, including the use of knives and clubs.

Anyway, these are some of the things I think about while picking weeds in my yard.


Charles C. Goodin