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Get In Shape

I meet many Karate instructors and students. If a student were to ask me what he could do to become better at Karate, for many students I would reply:

"Get in shape."

The student would still have to train regularly and do all the things that Karate students usually do. But he should also strive for an acceptable weight, good muscle tone, and all the things that make up being in good shape.

I don't think that you can be good at Karate if you are out of shape. Hypothetically, if you (out of shape) were to compete against an equally skilled twin (in shape), you would almost certainly lose.

Skill is part of it. The other part is conditioning. You need both, in balance.

The best Karate instructors I know are in excellent shape. This is not an accident. They work at it.

Even if you do not practice Karate, getting in shape is extremely important. It will make you healthier and more able to resist sickness and disease. It will also give you more energy to work and enjoy life.


Charles C. Goodin