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Congratulations to Sensei James Miyaji

Sensei James Miyaji is one of the most humble people you could ever meet. His humility is even more admirable given that he is one of Hawaii's most senior Karate instructors.

Earlier this month, Miyaji Sensei was awarded judan (10th degree black belt) by the Hawaii Karate Kodanshaki. What a well deserved acknowledgment! I cannot remember a judan being awarded to a living traditional Karate instructor who resides here in Hawaii (the Kodanshakai had previously awarded judan to Richard Kim, who resided on the mainland, and to Tomu Arakawa, posthumously).

I look up to Miyaji Sensei and want to extend my congratulations to him and his students. I also want to thank him for being such a good example for us Karate students -- particularly of how true humility follows outstanding accomplishments, like the ripe rice bowing. See Atama Wo Sageru.


Charles C. Goodin