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90% of Your Happiness

My wife and I are in Waikiki this long weekend celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary.

Every so often, my wife likes to remind me of a saying she saw on a poster many years ago that goes something like this: "90% of your happiness depends on who you marry." Every year, I find this saying to be more and more true.

There is a saying in Karate that you hands should work together like man and wife. This presumes a good relationship.

If your spouse is supportive of your Karate training (and expenditures, travel, devotion of time, etc.), this will make it much easier for you to continue your training. The opposite is also true.

Don't make your spouse a "Karate widow or widower." If you do not devote enough time and attention to your spouse, he or she could end up owning half of your Karate things -- and it is pretty hard to do a sai kata with just one sai.

I think that there should be another saying that "90% of your Karate happiness depends on who your Sensei is." Every year, I also find this saying to be more and more true.

If you have a loving, supportive spouse and a skillful, generous Sensei -- YOU SHOULD COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS and work hard to deserve them both.


Charles C. Goodin