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A Late Birthday Wish

My birthday was last week, but I would like to express a later birthday wish (just putting it out there).

I would like to one day obtain originals of Gichin Funakoshi's first book (Ryukyu Kenpo Toudi, 1922), Choki Motobu's two books (Okinawa Kenpo Toudi Jutsu Kumite-Hen, 1926, and Watashi no Karate Jutsu, 1932), and Karate-Do Taikan (1938), so that they can be added to the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at the University of Hawaii.

It would also be very nice to obtain the lost Karate text of Admiral Kenwa Kanna, but that may be lost to history.

For myself, I would just like to keep training with my children and excellent students.


Charles C. Goodin