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A Fat Bump and Being Ordinary

Tonight at class, I had a horrible experience -- I felt completely ordinary.

Last Thursday I had a minor operation to remove a fat ball that had formed under the skin about 4 inches in from my right floating rib. It wasn't that big, but I often bumped it with my returning hand when I punched or blocked. I asked the doctor, and the bump wasn't caused by this contact. Anyway, I had it removed and got two stitches which will be removed this Thursday.

As a result, I had to be careful at class tonight because I did not want to tear the stitches or open the incision. But I still trained (of course).

Wow, I felt really terrible. I had to slow down my right, returning hand. I also had to make sure that it did not brush or rub hard against the wound which seriously threw off my compression.

Naturally, the speed of my left hand was affected by the returning speed of my right hand. So I was overall slower and my timing was also off. Instead of striking with my left and timing the step on the recoil, I was stepping on the extension, with the returning hand off timed. This also meant that the energy of the recoil was not being recycled and put into the next movement, meaning that I had to re-initiate the next movement. All my movements where thrown off. I actually was more sweaty and tired than normal.

In a nutshell, I sort of felt how I did before I learned how to use koshi -- ordinary. Punch, block, strike, with no enhanced body dynamics. It was horrible! It was like driving a car with flat tires dragging a load of bricks.

It may sound like I am exaggerating, but without compression (torquing the body) and proper timing, things just don't work right and require much more energy.

Thank goodness the stitches come out on Thursday. After that, we're on break until the New Year, so I'll be completely healed and ready to go for our first class.


Charles C. Goodin