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Does Your Karate Training...?

At year end, it is a good time to reflect. Does your Karate training...

you happy?

Make you feel honest?

Make you feel more humble?

Allow you to excel at all things?

Make you feel good physically?

Make you a calmer, more centered person?

Fill you with respect for life and for other people?

Give you a sense of responsibility for your actions?

Make you feel grateful for your instructors, the
other students, and the people with whom you train?

Make you feel like your skill is both a treasure and a potentially
dangerous thing?

Move you to the point of wordless wonder when you execute a technique almost properly?

Make you happy? (I know
that I asked this before,
but when it comes down to it,
if Karate training does not
make you happy, you should
find something that does.)

Merry Christmas!


Charles C. Goodin