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A Birthday Gift -- Whales

Today is my birthday! I am 53.

In some sports and activities, 53 is old. But in Karate, that is still a "young boy" age. When I go out with my senior friends, I am still the youngest. I get to eat all their leftover food and desserts! I am still like a kid -- at 53.

Today I got a special birthday gift -- a Sea Sherherd T-shirt! I am at work (I am an attorney), but I am wearing my new T-shirt.

The world would be a much better place if there were no commercial murder of whales and dolphins. Native peoples hunting for subsistence is one thing, but commercial murder is just that.

The shirt has the skull logo. I never noticed until now that the graphic in the skull is a whale and a dolphin. I always thought that the design was just the shape of the skull.

There are so many things that I am grateful for. I try to share my Karate activities, discoveries, and thoughts through this blog. One thing I cannot adequately share are all the great, skilled and kind people I meet, know, train, and eat with. A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with three Karate Sensei in their 80s and one Karate Sensei in his mid-60s. Just sitting and listening to their stories (some about Karate, some not) was such a treasure. We laugh and laugh.

All of us are lucky to practice Karate. I enjoy Karate each and every time I practice. I am also so fortunate to have a supportive family and great students -- we all learn together.

And I also have my brand new Sea Shepherd T-shirt. Save the whales. The world is a vampire....


Charles C. Goodin