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About Shinzato Sensei Footage

Yesterday, I posted a link to film clips of Shinzato Sensei teaching a seminar in Okinawa earlier this year. Every time I have spoken to Shinzato Sensei about film footage of him, he felt dissatisfied with it. I am not talking about the film or audio quality.

Actually, I think that Shinzato Sensei is dissatisfied because he feels that he could have done better.

This might make sense if the footage is several years old. After all, his technique will have evolved during that time. Even if the footage is several months old, there could have been a change. But I believe that Shinzato Sensei will be just as critical of film taken yesterday, or even this morning. Even if I took footage and showed it to him right away, I think he would feel that he could have done better (in his mind).

So I am pretty sure that Shinzato Sensei will feel dissatisfied with the footage in the link I just posted. So why did I post it? Because it helps people to learn. I noticed things in the footage that reinforced things he had taught me. Just watching him move is a such a learning opportunity.

Shinzato Sensei is very demanding of himself. He is certainly more demanding of himself than he is of any of his students. He is constantly working on himself. Year after year, day after day, minute by minute.

That is one of the things I have learned from him.


Charles C. Goodin