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Response to Black Belt vs. Teacher

In response to the Guest Post is by Theodore Kruczek (Black Belt vs. Teacher), my good friend Jim Alexander (of Belleville, Illinois) wrote:

For one to be a senior in the dojo, does not always mean in age, sometimes it is years in knowledge and training. Often a student from another discipline would make their way into our dojo and by virtue of their experience they would have much to contribute, though if they decided to stay in our dojo out of respect they would remove their rank and become a white belt again. (Initially we started out with colored belts, but wore them only for world meetings, otherwise we had white and black only) it was my belief that one's ability should project one's rank and not the other way around, thus eliminating any source contradiction to the naked eye.
I agree with Mr. Parker, regarding the last line and would add, when the student is ready (open to learning) the teacher will appear remains true.
Thank you Kruczek sensei for your article, there are few of us that have not learned a great deal from Goodin sensei's writings over the years

Jim Alexander