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This is a story.

A student was promoted to a high dan level and was naturally very happy. He told all his friends that he had been promoted and they all had the same question: "What rank were you promoted to?" The student gladly filled in the details.

But one of his friends knew something about Karate and asked, "By whom were you promoted?"

"What, don't you want to know my rank?" asked the student.

"Sure," replied the friend, "but who you were promoted by also matters. Does your instructor have a good reputation? Were you promoted by your own instructor or a committee? Were you promoted my an association, and if so, which one? What were the criteria for your promotion? How long have you trained? How regularly have you trained? What have you done to help in the dojo? What contributions have you made to the art of Karate? How do you apply the principles of Karate in your daily life? And do you know what the movements in your kata mean? Hey, for all I know you could have purchased a rank certificate on E-bay."

The student's face turned red with embarrassment.

But then again, this is just a story.


Charles C. Goodin