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Improving -- And You Didn't Even Know It

Sometimes students feel like they are not improving. They come to class, they practice at home, and yet they feel that they are stuck in a rut.

But then someone who has been away for a year or two will come to class and comment on how much the student has improved! The student's progress is amazing. It is like a grandparent seeing his or her grandchild after a year or two. The grandchild's growth is amazing.

It is hard to see progress on a day to day basis. But over the months and years, the progress is extremely clear.

The main thing is to come to class regularly and practice at home. Through continued practice, you will definitely improve. You might not see it, but others will. And gradually you will find that you can do things you couldn't do before, the movements will start to make more sense, and you will feel more comfortable in your training.

Just keep at it!


Charles C. Goodin