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Elections Over (Finally)

Yesterday (the whole day), I was glued to the computer and television watching election results. I am not going to share my political orientation here but I did want to write that I AM SO GLAD IT IS OVER!!!

I am 52, and I cannot remember when elections were more negative, both here in Hawaii and across the country. I am literally sick of it.

Now let's settle back and get ready for Christmas commercials (to take the place of all the political ads).

As a Karate instructor, I believe that politics should be kept out of the dojo. I respect our students' religious and political views, but these are private things. The same is true of my own religious and political views. In the dojo, we concentrate on Karate training and character development (a code of personal conduct required of people who study Karate).

Politics in Karate is another matter. This too, should be kept out of the dojo.


Charles C. Goodin