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Double Dangerous Obstacle Course

In Karate Obstacle Course I wrote about how dangerous it is to walk around while shopping at Costco. It takes all your Karate skill to avoid getting hit by a shopping cart.

The other day I faced an even greater challenge: pushing a baby in a stroller in Costco! My granddaughter is about 13 months old and my wife wanted to stop by and pick up some things at Costco the other day. We did not have the baby liner to put in the shopping cart, so my wife used the stroller.

Whoa! At first my wife was pushing the stroller, but I quickly took over the duty when I realized that a shopping cart could smash my granddaughter in the face! I became the bodyguard and protector for her. And was I ever paranoid, particularly with all the people rushing from aisle to aisle.

I made my wife push the shopping cart and I pushed the stroller behind her. That way, the stroller was protected in the front (by my wife), and I was blocking it from the back with my body.

I just had to make sure that no one rammed me in the Achilles Tendon!

You will be happy to know that we all made it out safely! But it was a truly challenging obstacle course. The only thing tougher might be doing the same thing in the dark.

Seriously, you have to watch babies and toddlers very carefully in stores. One of my sons fell out of a shopping cart once when he was a toddler (another one of my sons suddenly pushed the cart and my younger son flipped out). You have to act like an accident could happen -- because it could.


Charles C. Goodin