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Beyond Style 5

This is a story.

A Karate instructor was walking down the street late at night when he was stopped by a mugger who demanded money. Confident in his kumite skill, the instructor refused.

Without warning, the mugger kicked the instructor in the groin, took his wallet, and ran away.

The policeman who arrived later that night recognized the instructor and asked, "Sensei, what happened? You are a famous champion!"

"We don't kick the groin in my style," explained the instructor. "That was a foul!"

This was just a story. However, sometimes there is a tendency for students to become tunnel visioned by their styles. A style is a subset of Karate. Just because the curriculum of a style does not contain a certain technique does not mean that the technique does not exist or is not effective.

In self-defense, anything goes, whether it is included or allowed in a style or not.


Charles C. Goodin