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Beyond Style 4

OK, some people feel that some styles are better than others. Is that true?

Before you answer, you have to ask, "better at what?"

If you want to teach children, my own style would not seem to be the best since very few students learn it in Okinawa. In contrast, there are other dojo in Okinawa that teach hundreds of children.

Are we talking about tournament success?

How about health? For health, are we talking about strength, cardio, or flexibility?

Are we talking about self defense or fighting?

Are we talking about training for the police or military?

Are we talking about character development?

Are we talking about body dynamics? (Something my own style concentrates on.)

My point is, what are we talking about when we ask how good (or bad) a style is? A style is probably not all things to all people. And sometimes, a style that may be good at one particular thing might lead the student to another style, that might be good at another thing. At different phases of a student's career, different styles or systems might be useful or appealing.

So, while I might feel that some styles might be good or bad, this is really an over simplification. When it comes down to it, I would ask, does it work? And again, I feel that good Karate is good Karate, and bad Karate is bad Karate. Style itself is not the real issue.


Charles C. Goodin