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500 Lumens Flashlight

Over the weekend, my wife and I went to Maui for a short vacation. We stayed pretty close to the Kapalua airport. I went fishing on the beach on two nights. On the second night I stayed late (high tide was at 11:30 p.m.) and the half moon eventually set behind Molokai, plunging the night into pitch darkness, except for the stars.

Of course, I had one of my new flashlights. This one was a 500 lumens version with a zoomable lens. Whoa! This flashlight was like a searchlight. When I shined it straight up, it looked like a pillar of light. I almost thought the light would reach Molokai, but of course it could not. But it did reach far enough to catch what I think was an owl flying high overhead.

Because it was zoomable, I could make a wider, softer beam for up close work, like tying knots.

I have ordered an 800 lumens flashlight which should arrive soon.

So get a good flashlight! I'll bet your father or grandfather would like one for Christmas (but let him pick it).

Here is my fishing tip. I put the flashlight in a baggy so that it would not get wet or stinky from the shrimp and squid I was using for bait. This worked pretty well. I could click it on and off while it was in the baggy.

Oh, and I caught 23 fish -- mostly small but a lot of fun.


Charles C. Goodin