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One More About Flashlight

Today I went to Costco and Home Depot and both were selling very reasonably priced tactical flashlights (under $20). Please make sure that you have flashlights for your car, home, office, etc.

OK, you can actually spend some serious money on flashlights. The one I saw today at Costco came in a 3 pack and was 100 lumens. I bought two of those in the past and it seems that once you get into tactical flashlights, you keep wanting brighter and brighter ones. In my car, I have 240 lumens flashlights currently (with zoom lenses), and have just ordered a pair of 500 lumens ones.

Now I have been looking at 1000 and 1200 lumens models.

A good flashlight and a good knife are nice things to have. A good gun too (in my opinion), but I have never bought one yet.

Here's an idea -- for Christmas you can buy nice tactical flashlights for your family members and loved ones.


Charles C. Goodin