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If you are sitting down in a safe place (not driving), I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are driving your car. Your hands are on the steering wheel. Now reach for your flashlight. Do you know exactly where it is? Can you readily reach it?

Is it buried in your glove compartment or somewhere in your trunk? What if it is completely dark? Could you find it? After all, you cannot use a flashlight to find it... because you are looking for your flashlight!

And how are you reading this? You are supposed to have your eyes closed! Just joking.

It is important to have a good flashlight in your car. I like the tactical versions, but any good flashlight will do. And don't forget to change the batteries once in a while.

Here in Hawaii, we are always worried about hurricanes, so we have lots of flashlights. I actually have one next to me when I sleep. In my car, I have one within easy reach and another in the trunk. Actually, I have three or four in the trunk. I don't know how many I have a home (plenty).

Karate is more than punch, kick, block -- it is also about being careful and safe, and being prepared for emergencies.

OK, you can open your eyes now.


Charles C. Goodin