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Demonstration Advice -- Don't Rush

Today I got to watch a Karate demonstration. Normally, I am conducting the demonstration or being the emcee, so I cannot actually watch the performances. But today I had the luxury of being a guest.

Here is my advice. I think it applies to anyone performing a kata anywhere.

Don't rush.

I know that it sounds like simple advice. I am serious -- don't rush.

It is good to punch, block, or kick fast. It is not good to rush from one position to the next. It is not good to punch before you are set or move on before your strike has focused.

There is nothing good about finishing a kata quickly. It is not a race. What counts is performing each movement properly. A properly performed kata has a composed pace.

Don't get me wrong. I know that everything moves at a different pace when you are in front of an audience, particularly if you are nervous. It can seem like time slows down. But knowing that, it is important to move with proper timing.

Don't rush.


Charles C. Goodin