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Sometimes I hear about people who are caught driving while intoxicated. Here in Hawaii, that is called a "DUI".

I have noticed that people who are caught and charged with a DUI tend to complain about it -- how unfair it is. Sometimes they hire attorneys to try to get them out of the charge. They are not saying that the charges are untrue, just that it is somehow unfair. They will privately admit that they were drinking and were drunk -- they just don't want the DUI on their record.

It seems to me that a person who was caught driving drunk should get down on his hands and knees and thank the police officer for potentially saving his life and the lives of innocent people! Who knows what could have happened just a few minutes later?

A DUI is a terrible thing. It is an expensive and inconvenient thing. But that is to deter drunk driving. A DUI is bad, but killing yourself and others is far worse.

The way to avoid a DUI is to not drive when you have been drinking. And you know my feeling -- it is better not to drink at all.

Now if you were not drinking and were charged with a DUI wrongfully, then by all means you should fight it. But if you were guilty of the crime, you should face up to it and change your ways.

Just my two cents.

Oh, and if you are convicted of a DUI, when you eventually get your license back guess what happens to your insurance premiums?


Charles C. Goodin