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Clear Headed

One more on drinking.

If I allow myself to become drunk, how can I defend myself or loved ones if it becomes necessary to do so? Some of you might be thinking that a drunken Karate expert can still use his skills. While I do not necessarily agree with that (being drunk would affect one's physical control), there is another issue.

Karate is used for self defense as a last resort only -- correct? If I become drunk, will my judgment be clouded such that my determination of "last resort" can be called into question? Will my drunkenness make me more prone to fight or react in anger?

Let's say that I am drunk and am attacked. Will my actions be considered self defense? Will the fact that I am legally drunk factor into this question? I am pretty certain that it will.

How am I supposed to be able to determine whether or not a situation presents a "last resort" when I cannot walk in a straight line and say my name clearly? I suspect that the police would also arrest me for fighting and if the attacker was injured or killed, I could be charged with a crime.

That is one reason why a Karate student always has to be clear headed enough, not only to be able to defend himself and loved ones, but to make the determination of "last resort" and to know when enough is enough (when to terminate the use of force).

Changing the subject a little, have you ever heard of a Karate student or instructor coming to class after drinking alcohol or when drunk? In our dojo, I can say with certainty that any student who did so would be sent home immediately. And if an instructor did so, we would probably expel him (or her). There are children in our class and that is no place for alcohol.


Charles C. Goodin